Welcome to the 3rd Pitch Day of Madrid Food Innovation Hub!

After a year of collaborating with top-tier entrepreneurs, several startups that have participated in the incubation and acceleration programs at the Madrid Food Innovation Hub during 2023 and 2024 will have the opportunity to virtually showcase their innovations. 

These startups represent some of the most cutting-edge advancements in the agri-food industry, offering insights into new technologies applicable across the entire agri-food value chain and highlighting emerging industry trends. 

The Pitch Day will be held online on Thursday, July 4th at 5PM CEST.

Discover the most outstanding startups:

SURI Biotech. 

SURI BioTech is a biotechnology company that develops health-promoting bacterial strains with targeted mechanisms of action. Our proprietary strains are natural and safe, designed for inclusion in food supplements for both infants and adults.  

The food chainers. 

The food chainers have developed an encrypted platform using blockchain technology to connect businesses with innovative tech solutions, enhancing legal security and traceability throught the agri-food value chain.


Karlota is a management tool for restaurants that helps owners optimize expenses, operations, and profitability. It provides clarity in payment controls and food waste management.


Ostras is an app that helps consumers save food products nearing their expiration date by providing discount information and redemption details, specifically targeting supermarkets.


Vinushot offers packaging of all types of wine varieties in 187ml fully recycable aluminim bags.

Brava Drinks. 

Brava Drinks creates next-generation beverages through fermentation and natural processes to meet modern customer needs. They use traditional methods and offer their products in sustainable cans.


Tierra is a network of intelligent urban vertical farms that provides local communities, hospitality, and markets with freshly harvested vegetables and mushrooms. Our offerings are fully traceable and harvested the same day for ultimate freshness.


ISIFARMER introduces the groundbreaking concept of “co-farming” spaces, where individuals can develop their business in Urban Vertical Agriculture. They offer state-of-the-art technology, including smart hydroponic systems integrating AI and machine learning for optimal crop development, alongside expert guidance.  

Natural Fonan. 

Natural Fonan offers a complete nutritional shake in flavored powders that promote morning satiety and energy. They are now planning to introduce a ready-to-drink version to broaden their consumer base.

Biofarm Fly. 

Biofarm Fly sustainably produces high-quality proteins and oils from insects, transforming them into flour and oil for use in animal and human diets, following a circular economy model.


This event is dedicated to VCs, Business Angels, Agri-Food Industry, Hospitality and Catering Sector, and  all partners of Madrid Food Innovation Hub ecosystem.

If you’re interested in discovering the most innovative startups in the agri-food industry, join us via this link!